Made in the Midlands Expo 2019: Innovation Meets Industry at The Manufacturing Technology Centre

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When it comes to manufacturing technologies and processes, The Manufacturing Technology Centre is on the forefront of innovation and industry development. Combining the most advanced technology available in the manufacturing field with expert-level engineers, The MTC offers bespoke solutions to a myriad of customers.

Benefitting from direct support from the government, the ultimate goal of The MTC is to help any UK manufacturer become more competitive. The ways in which it accomplishes this are vast and are often tailored to the circumstances of each customer.

The MTC operates under four main service categories: helping customers improve productivity using only what they have available, helping them decide which new technologies they should look to acquire, advising on the best ways to improve the designs of products, and guidance on how to upskill their workforce and improve apprenticeship schemes.

Taking on 36 new apprentices each year, The MTC puts the apprentices through two years of in-depth training before guiding them into the working world.

Nigel Knapp, Senior Business Development Manager for The MTC, states: “The MTC takes on 96 new apprentices every year who are directly employed by an employer. Assisting with shortlisting candidates for external interviews ensures a high calibre of apprentice.”

Mr. Knapp discusses the huge variety of ways in which the company is utilising tomorrow’s technology to greatly empower the efficiency and productivity of businesses and manufacturers.

One example of how The MTC is supplementing industry experts with the latest technologies can be seen in their usage of virtual reality and augmented reality, giving unprecedented insight into facility planning and improving productivity by showing augmented guides and data with specialised goggles.

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